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My strongest, most credible endorsements come from the people I've worked with.

Morag Ritchie got it from the get-go.


She intuitively understood our team-building needs and suggested a program that led us to some meaningful (and much-needed) conversations between colleagues. Even better, she planted seeds for thought that are still germinating long after our All-Staff event. Only complaint? Our half-day session was much too short (she did warn us!). To really leverage Morag’s team-building expertise, do yourself a favor and book at least an entire day with her. You won’t be disappointed.


Mark Schroeter, Trade Commissioner
Prairies & NWT Regional Office, Calgary, Global Affairs Canada



“The City of Airdrie worked with Morag for the first time in 2014. Morag brought calm, reasoned thinking to a high-profile community issue. She expertly facilitated a community session fraught with emotion, and managed to make people feel heard and understood. I would recommend her skill set to any organization working through challenges, both internally and externally.”


Lynda Phelan, ABC Team Leader, Corporate Communications
City of Airdrie



“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Morag for many years. First, as a colleague and continuing now as a coach, consultant, and facilitator. Every time we get a chance to work together has been a learning experience and an absolute pleasure… Read more


Chris Dawe, Director
Mount Royal University Recreation



“I’ve worked with Morag many times over the years under varying circumstances and she is by far the most professional, authentic, honest, compassionate, and insightful coach that I have ever met… Read more


Colleen Parsons, Director, Health and Fitness, Owner, Live Spendidly
University of Calgary, Faculty of Kinesiology



“I began working with Morag in 2007 at the Calgary International Airport International Facilities Project. The client, YYC, very much believes in the partnering process. Morag has been involved with the IFP team in both partnering and facilitating roles over the last four years. Partnering with a diverse team made up of client, program manager, designers, and construction managers can prove to be very challenging—to say the least. Along with the use of many excellent tools, such as Insights, Morag has managed to obtain buy-in to the process from every stakeholder involved in the program—no small feat… Read more


Eric Krautheim, Managing Director
Pferdkraft, Inc.



“Morag has worked as a facilitator, coach, and consultant in our organization for over 5 years. She is fully-committed to helping each person become the best they can be, and encourages us to push our personal boundaries of comfort to grow and learn.


She is a credible, engaging, and caring business partner.  I would highly recommend her services to others."


Cynthia Tremblay, Vice President, Human Resources
The Calgary Airport Authority



“Morag added great value to the smooth running of the $1.4bn International Facilities Project at Calgary Airport. Her services are invaluable in helping team members understand each other’s viewpoints, motivations, and strengths.


Having her strong presence facilitating certain key leadership sessions helped us work through some interesting challenges to a positive outcome.  I highly recommend Morag to help teams work through their challenges."


Alasdair Knox, Design & Construction Manager
Calgary Airport International Facilities Project



“Morag was my leadership coach during the last two and a half years. I found Morag to be an excellent source of guidance and knowledge for all the leadership challenges I found as I started my leadership career. She is very diligent, thorough, and skilled. She would always help me find the answer by myself in a constructive and positive way. Her attitude is always positive and supportive, and she is very knowledgeable. It did not matter how challenging and conflictive my week had been, I would always feel positive and strong after seeing Morag.”



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committeed citizens can change the world - indeed, it is the only thing that ever does."

Margaret Meade

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