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All this talk about resilience...

I'm weary. We all are feeling weary at times, I'm sure. But I am also resilient. It's an interesting polarity. To be resilient, we do need to be challenged. How's that for an understatement in a pandemic?

I took this photo while out for a walk one spring. I was struck by the strength, persistence and resilience of the humble fern. A plant I'm told is one of the first plants to exist, dating back 360 million years!? (Yes, I sometimes feel old but not that old.)

This fern is busting through the asphalt, seeking sun, moisture and space to grow. And notice, it is not alone - there are two plants working together, lifting the pavement, forcing it to break apart. As a fan of the metaphor, I am choosing this image to remind and inspire me of the resilience within myself, and in those I get to work alongside as we strive to save an organization, an industry and community.

While many obstacles we face feel like significant barriers, we will find a way through. I am confident of it. If you are feeling alone, and need a "fellow fern", please reach out to someone you trust to listen and acknowledge your feelings and get into the dirt with. We don't have to do this alone.


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