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Safety on my mind

I have safety on my mind. Safety isn’t just for the outdoors, or the field. How do you make your work environment safe?

In working with a valued client organization, I am witness to many leaders as they articulate their “personal commitments to safety”. Mine is: I commit to learning about safety and sharing it with others. I commit to creating safe environments in which my clients can learn.

My job (and commitment) as coach and facilitator is to make the learning environment safe.


By ensuring that:

• All voices, all opinions are valued.

• Questions come from a place of curiosity.

• Humour is respectful, joyful.

• Learning takes different forms.

• Diversity of learning styles and perspectives is encouraged and supported.

• Confidentiality is maintained.

• Emotions are noticed, acknowledged.

• Judgment is suspended.

• Accountability to each other is upheld.

• Progress is recognized.

• Effort is encouraged.

When we feel safe, we feel free to experiment, ask questions, try new things, to learn, grow, explore. Spread our wings.

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