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High Performing Teams with High Stakes and High Pressure:
Many of today's business challenges require skillful facilitation to ensure diverse thoughts, ideas, perspectives are invited, included, heard and considered. 

Project and intact teams often require objective support - in partnering sessions, in strategic planning workshops, and of course, in team building.
"Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight."

Thomas Carlyle

We’ll work together to design the right approach to fit your team’s needs. The meetings and workshop(s) will be customized to your specific needs and expectations—nothing canned or off the shelf.

Recommended for:

Intact teams.  Newly formed project teams

Multiple departments with interested learners


I can help with:

Objective facilitation of focused agendas in which leaders must be active participants


Strategic planning, from values & vision to SWOTT analysis to implementation plans


Customized (soft skills, which, let's face it, are really tough!) workshops to address specific competency and or behavioural requirements


Leadership/board/team retreats


Project partnership workshops

Concrete benefits are:

Disciplined facilitation which keeps everyone on track, on task and on time


Customized design based on needs assessments


Partnering with the sponsor to ensure agendas make sense and meet expectations


Clear roles and responsibilities to the deliverables

Tactics involved:

Assessing development needs. We figure out where we're starting and what the end goal is. Experimenting the current reality. What's going on? Why this goal? Why now?


Exploration of patterns and processes. What's working? What's not?


Identifying those constraints and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of goal achievement


Examine options, ideas, insights

Create action plans

Feedback, accountability agreements


Typical duration:

Custom, varying from hours to weeks of design and delivery, the outcome will be time and cost efficient

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Facilitation by an expert helps level the playing field. No leader trying to provide a dual role, no titles or positional power…a facilitator will help invite and ensure all voices and ideas are heard and considered.

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