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Given recent work demands and commitments, I am unable to accept new clients at this time.  I'm happy to provide referrals should you be interested.

I'm Morag Ritchie, a skilled executive coach and facilitator based in Calgary. I help high-ranking executives, middle and emerging leaders, accomplished entrepreneurs, and top-performing teams get results.

I've collaborated with clients across Canada in a diverse mix of industries:

Cargo & Logistics
Customer Service
Environmental Services
Family Services
Finance & Enterprise One
Health & Fitness
Human Resources
Information Technology
Marketing & Sales
Oil & Gas
Post-secondary Education
Public Education
Public Relations
Travel & Tourism

I offer service in three specialized areas: Executive Coaching, Organizational Effectiveness Consultation, and Facilitation.

Guided by the philosophy "Out of every situation, there is an opportunity to learn", I'm all about helping my clients make the most of their experiences, and their challenges, by turning them inside-out or upside-down to create extraordinary results.

"The City of Airdrie worked with Morag for the first time in 2014.  Morag brought calm, reasoned thinking to a high-profile community issue. She expertly facilitated a community session fraught with emotion, and managed to make people feel heard and understood. I would recommend her skill set to any organization working through challenges, both internally"...


Lynda Pehlan, ABC Team Leader, Corporate Communications
City of Airdrie


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May 30, 2019

Please!  Don’t talk to me about soft skills.

I’m definitely interested in a hearty conversation about essential skills, but “soft” skills? Nope. 

Let’s talk about those skills that differentiate the interaction, the experience with someone, whether that of an e...

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