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The Future of Work? 
The future is here, it's messy, risky, exciting and it looks like it'll be a hybrid in so many ways...working together but separated, by masks, by screens or timezones, I consult to future-focused organizations wrestling with today's realities.

If the challenges you're facing are broad in scope, and
involve your entire team or organization,
consulting might be the solution.

Is your organization getting the results it’s aiming for? Are your employees engaged? Do you have an organizational chart that makes sense? Is the strategic plan practical and understood? Where is the company going, and what are the structures, processes and practices to best get it there? If these are the questions you’re wrestling with, then we will develop your road map through an organizational effectiveness approach — much like coaching, but broader in context.


Partnering with company leaders, we step back from day-to-day operations and take a big picture view about what’s going on.

Recommended for:

Corporate leaders & decision makers; Human Resources


I can help with:

Assessing current levels of engagement and/or workflows and structures for strengths, gaps and inefficiencies

Creating the right structures and initiatives to align organizational strengths and corporate objectives

Strategic planning

Board and/or executive retreats

Concrete benefits are:

Strategic plans & initiatives that make sense through all levels of the organization


Accountabilities for addressing any emerging gaps or vulnerabilities in current structure or workforce

Tactics involved:

Customized to your needs, tactics will include assessment, observation, and feedback

Typical duration:

3 - 12 months

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Partnering with a trusted consultant will give you the peace of mind that you’re looking at all the angles, you’re weighing the options, you’re considering trends and research outside of your industry, and you’re making decisions without emotion and ego getting in the way…

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